Blast from the Past: Julius Caesar

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Throwback Thursday is a thing. And like all cool things, I tend to get into them as they’re finishing being cool (if anyone gets that reference, I owe you a cookie!).

Combine that with my tendency to go months (years? We won’t say years.) without updating this thing, we’re going to try this Throwback thing. It’ll give me a chance to highlight moments that meant a lot to me over the years, that I never shared here!

First up: Julius Caesar’s Ivey Award.

Did you know I was part of an Ivey Award winning show? I totally was! In September of 2012, Julius Caesar received an Ivey Award for Best Inventive Reinterpretation, on account of the all-girls thing. It was a thrill, I don’t know that anyone expected it ahead of time, and people were very excited.

What’s that? You don’t see me in the photo? FUNNY STORY. This was the first Ivey Awards in years that I didn’t attend! This particular year’s event happened to fall on my dear husband’s birthday, and while he is very supportive, I didn’t want to make him go to a theatre event on his big day. After all, it wasn’t like anything terribly exciting was going to happen. (HA!)

So there’s the first throwback – the year my show won an Ivey and I didn’t bother to show up. That’s a story I’ll be telling for years, THAT’S for sure.

Thanks for reading!!! If you’re interested, check out the Star Tribune review of “Julius Caesar”.


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