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I am an actress living and working in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN. I have a BFA in Theatre Performance from Missouri State University. See my resume for recent experience.

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Stay Afraid. Do It Anyway.

Along with the rest of the world. I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Carrie Fisher in the last weeks of 2016. With her passing, I learned so much more about her that I hadn’t known, most significantly of her struggle with mental illness and her honesty in her attempts to shine […]

Blast from the Past: Julius Caesar

  Throwback Thursday is a thing. And like all cool things, I tend to get into them as they’re finishing being cool (if anyone gets that reference, I owe you a cookie!). Combine that with my tendency to go months (years? We won’t say years.) without updating this thing, we’re going to try this Throwback […]